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Sauna Accessories

Give yourself the full sauna treatment

Enhance your sauna experience with handsomely made accessories. Crafted of the finest materials, they'll add years of enjoyment to your sauna. All sauna packages include standard accessories of thermometer, bucket, ladle, backrests, light and heater guard rail. The accessories below are available for those who already have their sauna and are looking to enhance their experience or for those who wish to upgrade their current accessory offering.

Sauna Wall Sconce Light Wood Sauna Clock Sauna Sand Timer Sauna Thermometer with Wood Trim Sauna Thermometer - 5 inches with Brass Ring 5 inch Sauna Hygrometer/Thermometer with Brass Ring Wood Trimmed Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer Sauna Head Rest Sauna Back Rest Long-handled Brush Body Brushes Copper Sauna Ladle Wooden Sauna Ladle Copper Sauna Bucket Wooden Sauna Bucket with Plastic Liner Wooden Sauna Bucket with Stainless Steel Liner Stainless Steel Sauna Bucket and Ladle Sauna Oil Fragrance - Available in 3 sizes Sauna Peg Hanger Sauna Towel Linen Wash Cloth Sauna Robe Linen Sauna Seat Cover Wood Sauna Sign Wood Sauna Sign

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